"The great apes and their basic rights" is a call to put in debate the importance of our evolutionary brothers, the great apes (bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans), all this within the context of the immediate protection of both their populations in the wild, as well as their habitat or the liberation of those who are held captives. This book is also a request for their basic rights (life, freedom and to not be tortured physically or psychologically) as it is already stated by many scientists and some court rulings that have made headlines worldwide.

This book, coordinated by Pedro Pozas Terrados, would not have been possible without the articles written by great scientific figures, conservationists, animalists, people of the legal world, journalists and writers. They break down preconceptions and support the great apes and their rights with their words, thus endorsing the fight in which the Great Ape Project has been working continuously for two decades. You will really enjoy reading from: Jose María Bermúdez de Castro Risueño, Jorge Riechmann, Emiliano Bruner, Biruté M. F. Galdikas, Miguel Angel Valladares, Isaac Vega, Pedro A. Ynterian, Karen Altamirano, Máximo Sandín, Fernando Valladares Ros, Kepa Tamames, Rosa Montero, Francisco Garrido, María de las Victorias Gonzalez, Federico Manuel Rodriguez, Carmen Méndez, Joaquín Araujo, Gaciela Regina, Itai Roffman, Miguel Galindo and Pedro Pozas.

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Great apes and their basic rights

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    Pedro Pozas Terrados

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