According to current observations, two mysterious phenomena appear in the universe that science has not yet explained. These are mass or dark matter and dark energy. It is known of the existence of dark matter, among other effects, by the study of the rotation of galaxies where it is appreciated that the outer stars should come out tangentially if only the gravitational force of the mass seen is considered, concluding that there must be a hidden mass or matter, or perhaps some unknown effect that implies greater gravitational force.
On the other hand, based on the observations of astronomer Hubble in the twenties of the previous century, it was determined that the universe is expanding from its origin or big-bang , considering that the gravitational force between galaxies causes expansion to be increasingly slower
The surprise was that at the end of the last century it was observed that in the distant galaxies there was no retreat but they accelerated, that is, they are increasingly separated more quickly, ignoring the precedence of the energy that produces the effect, to which was named dark energy
In this small book a suggestive proposal is exposed describing effects in the movement of bodies of great mass that can be applied to the understanding of the origin of the dark matter and dark energy, considering that in the process of expansion the dark mass is transformed into dark energy, fulfilling the laws of conservation of energy and the linear momentum.

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Dark matter and dark energy... a solution

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    Francisco Gutiérrez de la Cruz

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